Taxi Services:

  • There are a number of local bus and taxi services available in the area. These services are located in the Loop Head peninsula and provide reasonable rates.
  • Carmel and Martina Haugh Tel: 00353 879602047
  • Kenny’s Taxi Kilkee Tel: 00353 862687987
  • George Roche Tel: 00353 868110782
  • Jimmy Broughan Tel: 00353 876857752
  • Joe McInerney Tel: Tel: 00353 877738714

  • Bus Services:

  • Carmel and Martina Haugh: Guided tours of the peninsula run by a local, familyrun business. They provide tours for small groups, which include scenic cliff drives, lighthouse tours, birdwatching tours and even pub tours. They also provide transport to and from the airport, hotels, restaurants and events.
    Tel: 00353 879602047

  • Noel O’Shea: Noel provides small and large buses for tours, depending on the size of the group.
    Tel: 00353 9057019

  • George Roche: George provides small to large buses for tours. He has a variety of coaches and buses suitable for small to large groups. He provides buses for tours, concerts and events.
    Tel: 00353 868110782